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Friday, June 25, 2010

Chesapeake : James A. Michener

Chesapeake   by James A. Michener
This book I read when I was 33. Iwas in bed for a couple of years that gave me the opportunity to read  lengthy books including the Bible (both testaments and apocrypha). This book I read twice more later. In my view it is not a novel. It is history disguised as a novel. History of the Chesapeake bay area for the period 1583 to 1978. Main character is the area of Chesapeake bay. One can feel the personality of the Chesapeake Bay area rising above all the different personalities who lived in the area during this period. It allows you to study how the religion, slavery, poverty, and  industry changed during the four centuries covered in the book. I could not keep the book without finishing, though it ran to about 1,000 pages.

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