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Friday, June 25, 2010

They called me the bookworm.

Yes, they called me the bookworm. from the days in the primary school I used to read anything I could lay my hands on. I had three elder sisters and I read the books they were reading. Those were mainly the  abridged versions  of books like Sinbad the sailor, Gulliver's travels, and La Petite Prince translated to my mother tongue. Though I read the books written in Sinhala I did not like them much, maybe because i liked to know things that were strange to me. My reading habits change when I started studying English. Little by little I started to read English books, that made a whole world open to me. From those days I have read many books that I cannot recollect how many. Some books I have read many times over. Though it is the same book I see a wholly different picture and understand  everything in a very different perspective. During my time at the University and the graduate school I had access to four very good libraries that made me read books written on almost any subject. The books I read were from the field of Engineering, Science, Politics, International Relations, Economics, Management, Philosophy, Fiction, Science Fiction, Mythology etc. Internet was available only about a quarter century later. My daughters also became bookworms and net-addicts inheriting my habits and the grand children too are showing sames signs. This also have given me a very rare opportunity. Reading kid's books at your thirties and sixties.

Talking about opportunities, I get them in very strange circumstances. At 32 I met with an accident and was bed-ridden for a couple of years, that I used to read a lot of books, thanks to my wife and many friends who kept me supplied with books, books and books. Ok! without boring I have to tell you what is this all about.  My daughter suggests that I start a blog. i said I don't know to write the things they write in their blogs. She says that I must write what I know the most. The Books!!! I agreed.

Book Worm

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