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Friday, July 2, 2010

Memories of another day by Harold Robbins

Harold Robins is one of my favorite authors. I have read many books by him. He wrote more than 30 books.Many have been translated to other languages.. somewere adopted for fine films and the book on Hollywood and its history, Dream merchants were adopted for a TV series too.

 Memories of another day is the story of Dan Huggings, a boy from a poor family who goes to work in a coal mine becoming one of the most powerful trade union leaders in USA. Story of Memories of another day is told as a journey of discovery by Dan's son digging into the roots of his father. Anyway this book captivated  me with its lucid exposition of human nature and the deceit, and treachery going on behind the scenes of Trade Union movement. It reminds me of the Godfather by Mario Fuso.

Immensely readable. I could not keep it away till I finished.

Happy Reading!!

Some other books by Harrold Robbins that I have read;
Stilletoo,  Adventurers, Carpetbaggers, Dream Merchants, The Piranhas, Descent from Xanadu

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